Singular MARS is a venture that strives to build a better future through Engineering, focusing on, but not limited to Electric Vehicles, Space Exploration and Sustainability.

It is Singular, or unique, in the way it works: It’s a not-only-for-profit, transparent organisation, that leads by example being the change that we want to see in the world. We envision a future where money and greed is obsolete, where people work because they want and not because they have to, and where the environmental problems that we are suffering now have been properly addressed.

Mars. That’s how high we aim. Its colonization will be the greatest achievement we could dream in our age and we’ll be part of it. It is in our name as it also represent our key sectors: Mechatronics (robotics), Aerospace, Renewables and Sciences. Or also Solutions. As engineers, we are problem solvers.

Established in early 2017 by Javier Rivera Canuto as a sole -or singular– trader, and incorporated into Singular MARS Limited shortly after, we seek to create meaningful partnerships and take part in the development of the technologies of the future, collaborating instead of competing and putting values and integrity above profit.